BMI Calculator

This body mass index calculator is based on the standard BMI measurement that takes your weight and height and basically tells you if you have an unhealthy body weight. It works for adults, both men and women above age 19. It is a good indicator of the amount of body fat you have, which is directly related to the risk of various diseases and early death.

  • Body mass index calculation
  • English and Metric mode Are avaliable
  • Weight categorization Ex.Normal Weight,Under Weight, Obsse etc
  • Wheel picker for Easy Selection

Scientific Calculator

Designed to calculate troubleshooting Math estimation. It constitute the basic Arithmetic Functions, Trigonometric Functions - radians, degrees & gradients - including hyperbolic option, Power & Root Functions, Log Functions, Modulus Function, Random Number Functions, (nPr) & Combinations (nCr), Permutations , Statistics Functions, Highest Common Factor & Lowest Common Multiple.

Unit Converter

A trouble-free, fast and simple to use unit converter that supports the multi-unit conversion! Convert from known to unknown unit and vice versa on your Android device. Basically Conversion of units refers to conversion factors between different units of measurement for the same quantity. Available range of conversion includes the Basic domains like Temperature, Length, Weight, .Speed, Volume, Area, Mass, Time. You can choose different conversion units available in each domain for conversions in a clean interface.

Currency Converter

It is focused to ease the use of exchange rates calculations. In fact it operates in Offline mode. You can setup your personal currency list and have the list of all important currencies at first glance. It Converts up to 5 currencies simultaneously. World's widely used currencies with own flag build-in list also available. Hence it makes it as the perfect tool for business, anyone interested in currency trading or for those during overseas trip.

Basic Calculator

It is a simple and efficient application with basic calculator functionalities for Daily use. This Basic Calculator lets you to perform complicated expressions by always keeping an eye on the input data. It is equipped with more features than you ever expected, includes the Expression calculation, Calculation history, percent calculation, advanced memory operations: M+, M- with unlimited number of memory cells. This also have the bonus effect of Sound and vibration on touch.

Tip Calculator

Simple Tip Calculator can be used as a resource to take the guesswork out of tipping. If you aren’t able to access a tip calculation of the tip amount, here’s the quick math method for your Android gadget. It allows you to split bill between any numbers of people and separately adjust each individual's amount. Percentage of Tip for the selected country appears on scrolling the spinner wheel. Just insert the numbers into the tip calculator and leave the math for Tip calculator to do, so as to know the customary tip for some professions. Tip amount is calculated as per the selected tip percent of the country.

World Clock

World Clock displays worldwide times on your home screen. Keeping a track of the time around the world is just simple with the tools like World Clock. It is a necessary tool for the travelers or when working with people in different time zones. . Despite its many options and extras, World Clock is extremely easy to use:

  • Show time at any location world-wide,
  • Knows more than 575 places in all time zones of the world!,
  • Analog clock styles available,
  • Greatly configurable,
  • Easy and intuitive user interface,
  • Simply perfect,